• Hilal, Feza & Other Planets

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    Late 90s Istanbul. After escaping provincial conservatism, a struggle for religious and gender rights brings together head-scarf wearing university student Fatma, transgender woman Feza and Fatma’s friend Hilal.

    Available on June 24th.

  • 2 Girls
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    2 Girls

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    Escaping from their dysfunctional families, Behiye and Handan become best friends. Their euphoria will soon be replaced by regrets and eventual betrayal as class differences resurface.

    Available on July 16th.

  • Lola + Bilidikid

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    Murat, a Turkish gay youth living in Berlin’s Turkish ghetto, decides to come out to his family. What he doesn’t know yet is that his family has even bigger secrets to hide.

    Available on October 1st.